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Murray Chenery Exhibtiion No 22.jpg

Murray Chenery
The Heart in Me
A heart patient's vivid feelings through bypass heart surgery

Geelong-based heart surgery patient, Murray Chenery, launches his solo exhibition of 22 paintings capturing his feelings through heart surgery at Geelong’s contemporary art gallery, Hue and Cry, from 1st June.

Murray’s inspirational work called “The Heart in Me” contains his heart surgery recovery journey in visual form with each painting supported by a written explanation of his feelings at the time. The exhibition also includes what he has learnt, how he has changed and other insights during his heart event recovery.

This exhibition opens on Saturday 1st June from 7pm, we warmly invite you to join us. Opening night will include speeches from 8pm, an auction of Murray's largest work (as seen above) and a door prize of one of Murray's earlier works. 

You can view the catalogue of works featured in this exhibition below. Please email for any purchases. 


All works below from 1- 21 are 90 x 90cm
$1490 each.
1 (1).jpg
1. The Unassuming Discomfort
2. Failing The Test
3. Mortality Reality of the Angiogram
4. Entering The Process
And Reliquishing Control
5. Trusting Your Life To
Someone Else
6. Conscious... Then Nothing
7. The ICU KPI Wake- Up
8. The 'Lianne' Factor
9. The Heart Angel's Of Cardiology
11. The Joy Of Walking Through
The Big Glass Doors
10. The Vertical Sleep
12. The Comfort of Support...
But It Is Still A Solo Flight Path
13. Tablets, Tablets, And More Tablets
14. The Fragility Of Healing
15. The Vertical Sleep
16. The Clot Complication
17. The Pain Roller Door And Chant
18. Pain And Why It Can Go To Despair
20. Green Shoots Of Recovery
21. The Rehabilitation Commitment
19. Feeling Your Heart Pump Your Blood
Mini concepts are 12 x 12cm each
$100 each. 
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